Freitas Solar Energy.

Freitas Solar Energy is a solar panels company from Itaberaí - Goiás, Brazil, and this identity brand project was developed to improve Freitas' brand potential and to reposition it as a professional and ecological company in the energy industry. Assigning technology and energy to this solar panels' logo company was a challenging step of the project, and the identity followed through these points approached.

The typography, colors, patterns, mesh, icons and graphics work together to represent the brand and its values, such as futurism and ecological responsibility. Also, the identity has a campaign to help the communication with the client.

However, the client who approved the project decided not to follow the type design and this project became a study.Regarding the design, the mesh was created to represent the energy flow, combined with a minimalist sun icon and the geometrical typography, to increase the modern and technological aesthetic.

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